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Christ Calls Us to Himself and Gives Us the Promise that He will MaKe Us. The Making is the Growth Process.

At LWC we grow as we become His Disciples. disciples that are in the word, In Step with His spirit, and Living Each Day by Faith. We desire to grow in relationship with Christ and with each other. Disciples Making Disciples.

Leader : Jola & Evan Casey, Alpha Morrow

Contact: Jola Casey
Address: 1220 Bluestem Dr., Madison
Sunday Evening @ 6PM
Small Group- postponed for now
Leader & Contact: Sue Lingenfelter 
Address: Madison - contact for info
tuesday @ 6:30PM
Women's Study
Leader & Contact: Kim Kingery 
Address: 404 S. Mulberry St., Madison
Tuesday @ 6:30PM
Women's Study
Leader & Contact: Craig & Jerrie Schreiner 

Address: 1469 Road 30, Madison 
Sunday Evening @ 6PM
Small Group

Leader & Contact: Andrew Hurlburt

Address: 404 S. Mulberry St., madison
Tuesday @ 6:30PM
Men's Study

Leaders & Contact: Gena Ott & Sarah Luthi 
Address: (Church) 2726 349th St., Lamont
Wednesday @ 6:30pm
Women's Study


Leader & Contact: David Kraft

Address: (church) 2726 349th st., lamont

Friday @ 5:45am

mens study

for more info on Discipleship & small group

opportunities contact Lamont wesleyan church

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