We would love to get to know you and your family.  Here are a couple of typical questions our guests have.


What are your service times? 

Our Sunday morning service in Lamont starts at 11:00 a.m. every Sunday morning.

Where is LWC located? 

Here is a map to our location in Lamont

Will you point me out, or embarrass me when I visit?  

We have no intention of making you uncomfortable during your visit.  If you feel so inclined, we would love to get in touch with you after your visit to see how things went for you.  There are guest connection cards available that you can fill out.  

What should I wear? 

You can wear what you would like.  Your clothes are not nearly as important to us as you being here is.

Do you have any ministries for my kids during the worship service?

We really believe in kids and are working hard to make LWC a kid-friendly place. At the Lamont location we have a nursery for kids up to 3-years old. We allow the rest of the kids to worship with the adults, but we dismiss them during the offering. Kids 3-kindergarten go to Wiggle Worms, and first through fourth graders go to God Followers. 

What is Sunday School? 

Sunday School (at Lamont only) meets at 9:30 A.M. We have classes for kids and teens based on what grade they are in. We also offer four to five different adult classes with classes ranging from marriage enrichment to verse-by-verse Bible studies. Click here for current small groups and Sunday School classes being offered.  

A few more informational items you should know:

  • In Lamont on the first Sunday of the month during the school year, we offer a light meal after the service called Lunch On Us. We know city folks like to go out to eat after church and we are 25 miles from the closest restaurant! This meal is prepared by the church and is free. Everyone is invited to stay for a time of fellowship.   
  • We have communion on the first Sunday morning of the month. Our communion is open to anyone who professes faith in Christ.